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Can the mind disguise, what the heart desires?

In the post below, Alan May clearly & cleverly reminds buyers that a buyer agent is on their side.  The articleis also an important reminder of why it is a good idea to work with a buyer agent.  The buyer agent works for YOU the buyer.

If you are buying a home in Canton MA and want a buyer agent that is on your side 100% of the time, contact your Canton MA Exclusive Buyer Agent.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Buyer.

We've been together for quite a while now.  We've sweated in un-air-conditioned homes, we've sweated in over-heated homes, we've shivered in "unheated" homes, we've looked at foreclosures and short-sales, we've even written offers on a couple of properties, to no avail.

So I feel as though I know you pretty well, I feel as though I know which homes you'll like, and which homes will bring that "disappointed" look.  I'm not hiding homes from you, so your needlessly sending me e-mails saying "how about THIS one?", or "how about THAT one?" is confusing.  I then explain why I haven't bothered you with those.  (too small, too large, too near the train tracks, too much work to be done, no master suite, no garage... there are a myriad of reasons).

But when we go and view a home that fits your every need.  It's in your price range, it's got the right room count, the right school district, doesn't need you to throw more money into it, master suite, extra room for an office, dry basement, 2.5 car garage... when we go to view that house... don't even try to hide your enthusiasm from me.  I'm your buyer's agent.  I work for you.  Regardless of the 'lust' I can see in your eyes, even though, for some reason, you're trying to hide it from me, I will work tirelessly to get you the best deal possible.

The best price, the best terms... all of it.  I will NOT telegraph your 'lust' to the listing agent... I work for YOU... I am not a sub-agent of the seller... I am a buyer's agent, working only in your interests.

I take a perverse sense of pride in just how good a deal I can help you get.  Have I mentioned that I work for YOU!?

So, try as you might, you can't hide from me that you "L-O-V-E" this house.  You know it, I know it... now let's sit down and work out a plan on how much you want to pay for it (and how much you DON'T want to pay for it).  Include me in your strategy... cause (here it comes again) I work for you, and I can't do my best work when you're "holding me at arms' length".

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Can the mind disguise, what the heart desires?
In the post below, Alan May clearly & cleverly reminds buyers that a buyer agent is on their side. The articleis also an important reminder of why it is a good idea to work with a buyer agent The buyer agent works for YOU the buyer. … more
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